South Wales Rock 'n' Roll Club


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Rock Around the Clock
Bill Haley & His Comets (The Decca Years & More (1 of 5))

Welcome to the website of The South Wales Rock'n'Roll Club

We now enter our 27th year as a Rock'n'Roll club. We had our first dance in The Central Hotel at the bottom of St. Marys' Street on Friday 11th June 1993

Thankfully we are still going on as strong as ever,  because of the great support we get from you Guys and Gals who turn up every month.  

Unfortunately  because of The Corona Virus Most of 2020 has been wiped off the Rock'n'Roll scene and it looks like the rest of 2020 will be the same. So all of you please stay safe and stay well and hopefully sometime in 2021 things will return to some sort  of normality, and we will meet up for some Rock'n'Roll.

Keep safe!!!!!!

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